Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc.

Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (LADL) is a non-profit organization made up of its executive office and its five law firms. Kenneth Krekorian is the Executive Director of LADL, and is responsible for supervising the operation of the organization. Each law firm is headed by a law firm director who is responsible for supervising the operation of his or her law firm.      

The law firms represent parents in juvenile dependency proceedings in Los Angeles County. When a petition is filed in court our lawyers are appointed to represent parents in the case. There are many different types of proceedings in a dependency case and the court could be involved with the family for many months and sometimes for several years. Each law firm assigned to the case will normally represent a parent until the court is no longer involved in the case. This “vertical” representation is important because the law firm assigned to the case will get to know the client and the client will be able to rely on consistent legal representation throughout the life of the case.

LADL lawyers are experienced in dependency law and apply their knowledge of dependency law as well as their experience in the dependency courtrooms so that their clients receive the very best representation. LADL and its 109 lawyers are committed to the families they serve and are committed to keeping families together. Our goal is to always advocate for our client and our client’s right to retain or regain custody of his or her child.


Our Mission

Care, custody and control of a child are fundamental parental liberty interests. Courts must provide a parent with fundamentally fair proceedings wherein the parent has a fair and reasonable opportunity to retain or regain care, custody and control of his/her child. 

It is our mission to assure that parents receive their substantive and procedural rights and that they are provided legal representation at low or no cost affording them a fair and reasonable opportunity to parent their child. Too many children are lost to the foster care system, and it is our goal to provide legal assistance to our clients to preserve the family and, in those instances where required, reunify the family through the use of innovative, effective, affirmative, and ethical legal principles and skills.